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Frequently Asked Questions

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When will I receive my painting?

As soon as possible! I will get to work framing and packing your painting immediately upon your order. Depending on how quickly the work is able to be framed your painting will ship out as soon as it's ready to go. I will keep detailed correspondence with you to ensure you understand when you'll receive your artwork. You may also pick up your painting for faster service.

Why is the shipping cost so expensive?

Shipping art is unfortunately a very expensive endeavor. All my work is professionally packed and shipped. Care must be taken to assure its safe and undamaged arrival, insurance must be purchased for art as it is an extremely valuable, high dollar, unique item. Your artwork deserves the best handling available and I provide that without compromise. Please know also that local pickup is available for FREE. 

Do I get to chose the frame?

All paintings come in the frame that I think highlights its beauty and vibrance with special curation. Each painting is very unique and its frame will be a compliment to its originality. Therefore, I do not accept frame requests unless you would like to pay for the change. When purchasing your painting just email me and let me know if you'd like to be consulted for a custom option. 

Why isn't my painting signed?

Your painting is indeed signed, just on the back of the paper with a date and title to ensure authenticity. The paintings aren't signed on the front because it would be aesthetically unsavory to see a big name in the middle of the clear white space that surrounds each image. My work stands for itself, an original Caitlin G McCollom painting is instantly recognizable. 

Is my painting insured?

All works are insured for their value upon shipping.

What if I don't like what I receive?

While I am certain that you will love the work you receive, if you really don't like the work it can be returned for a credit of equal value for another work in the inventory. As soon as I receive the undamaged work I will let you know and work to find something else that you love.