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I am interested in the contemplative tradition. I spend a lot of time alone, reading and writing about these ideas and concepts. I go into these frenzies of creation where I am in my studio for hours and hours making dozens of paintings.
— Caitlin G McCollom

The Idea

I make work that explores the collisions and chance meetings of the spiritual and physical world.  Times when it’s clear there is an awareness of an invisible buzzing from a different kind of world we can feel and perceive but can’t know or see. Perhaps when experiencing the vastness of nature, a crisis of health, an intuitive moment that’s unexplained, or a perfect love with another person. I use symbols of the body and of water and nature to make these connections. ith another person. I use symbols of the body and of water and nature to make these connections. People have used nature to make connections to the supernatural and I use these archetypical shapes and stories and translate them into vibrant paintings that use colors and symbolic shapes to invite mystery and beauty into visual experiences.

Style & Quality

I make acrylic paintings on synthetic Yupo paper. My work is painted with a brush and spatula to create layers of shapes and colors that appear like veils and puddles of water. Each of my paintings has been painted and arranged in a careful intentional way, filled with spirit and mystery and whispering into another world. Each painting is conceived in a deep sense of contemplation and made in the absolute highest level of craftsmanship. Your painting will be totally unique and loved first by me. Any framing will be provided by professional local framers and quality checked by me or my assistant before being carefully shipped.

Everyone's a Collector

Buying art is not only those who are patrons of museums and opera houses, art collecting is for regular folks too. When you choose to include things in your home: a sofa, a lamp, china, a rug-- it's a decision of value. I bet you value beauty and creativity and the people like me whose livelihood is making those experiences for you. So, I make it easy to own a beautiful unique piece of art that reflects your style and yes your values. Did you know art is an investment? Yes it really is. My paintings have consistently increased in value and been included in famous international collections. Your purchase is a one-of-a-kind heirloom that will grow in value and maintain its beauty throughout and beyond your lifetime.